Converting a file from DXF or DWG to Gerber is simple, right? It can be if you follow the steps in our DXF/DWG to Gerber Conversion Guide!

When designing a printed circuit board (PCB) often times the only design software available may be mechanical CAD software such as AutoCAD. Mechanical CAD software packages are able to generate a DXF or DWG file which contains the required data to produce a PCB, however, the DXF or DWG format is not preferred by PCB manufacturers due to the extra time required to interpret these files and potential for errors to occur. Instead the Gerber file format is preferred and will ensure faster production time and eliminate errors.

As a solution, DXF/DWG data can be converted to a Gerber format and our Conversion Guide explains exactly how to do this.

Learn the 5 Fundamental Entities for Successful Conversion from DXF / DWG to Gerber